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We are the global Internet support and advocacy organization

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in Polio or Post Polio Syndrome (PPS).

IPPSO is an internet-based organization of polio survivors and volunteers (all with a deep personal commitment to improve life for polio survivors).

IPPSO works with organizations, medical professionals, and individuals all over the world in order to gather and provide information and support for those with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), or the late effects of polio, as well as their families, friends, and caregivers.

The US Center for Disease Control reports that there have been 1.63 million reported cases of polio in the US, and 20 million cases worldwide. Other reports estimate that government officials recorded only 8% of polio cases, due to lack of diagnosis. This causes us to question the number of real polio cases in the world. For the status of cases of polio today, you can find that information here: http://www.polioeradication.org/casecount.asp

Some doctors have estimated that 75% of those who had paralytic polio (and an unknown number of those who had non paralytic polio) are now experiencing new bodily weaknesses, pain, muscle twitching, chronic muscle fatigue, difficulties swallowing and breathing, sleep apnea, gastric problems, brain fatigue, temperature intolerance, sensitivity to anesthesia, and adverse reaction to certain drugs. Many polio survivors recovered totally or with only slight to moderate weaknesses, and now are exhibiting severe polio symptoms again 20-50 years after their diagnosis of polio or undiagnosed flu-like symptoms. Many become frightened and depressed as they try to cope with new symptoms for which many professionals can offer no explanation or effective treatment. A person may experience any or all of the known symptoms. The day-to-day severity of the symptoms can be as diverse as were the initial effects at the onset of polio.

Survivors of polio who develop the symptoms; which is now known as Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS) benefit immeasurably from an understanding of its challenges and access to accurate and timely information on the resources available to them. This enables them to face and overcome difficult, painful, and frightening symptoms.

Family and friends develop a new awareness that their loved ones really are experiencing PPS symptoms and that the severity of the symptoms may or may not be disabling day-to-day. They can learn here that there are support tools available to assist them in helping their loved ones.

Medical professionals, engaged not only in treatment but also in research, are able to exchange information rapidly and accurately and become very involved in the human aspects of the difficulties that polio survivors face. Yet it saddens us that PPS is not widely taught to our doctors and that we, the patient, must bring them medical information so that they can learn. This is one of the reasons we are here, to help educate not only the survivors, but also our doctors!

Through medical articles, sharing our own experiences with each other and the international conferences we arrange, IPPSO strives to awaken the world to Post Polio Syndrome awareness and work with PPS leaders globally to advocate more effectively.

Come browse our website, learn about PPS, meet our Board (governing body) and members, find a list of PPS physicians, and join in our programs. Learn how to access the IPPSO bulletin board and chat rooms where experiences and information is shared. We have a social worker and nutritionist who are available to assist members. We try to help those who need medical equipment and cannot obtain the items they need. Also, you will find information on how to obtain your US Social Security Disability.

Let IPPSO be there for you.

We are confident that at after leaving our websites, you will have a better understanding of PPS and have made new friends!

You will also have the tools to learn how to educate those in your own community, as well as your family, friends, employers and healthcare providers.

IPPSO offers you hope, understanding, and love.

Once again, welcome home to our IPPSO family!

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