1. I promise to rest!

  2. I will listen to my body-signals and not ignore my pain - - be it physical, emotional or mental. I will do my best to stay healthy for myself, my loved ones and my friends.

  3. I will treat any person I meet, especially my fellow IPPSO members, with compassion, understanding and acceptance without violating or offending anyone's personal beliefs

  4. I will become involved with IPPSO as a volunteer in order to educate myself, so that I may educate my family, friends and community.

  5. I will seek volunteers to assist me, with the education of IPPSO and PPS; knowing that there are times, when I will not feel well enough to perform all of my duties.

  6. I will participate in the IPPSO research, by providing them with my background information (on their site forms) so that they may collect important medical and polio history data.

  7. I will ask IPPSO and it's family members - "What can I do to help"?

  8. I will assist IPPSO with it's fund raising, as I know we must have monies to run our programs, educate and grow.

  9. I will be committed to educating my friends, family, neighbors and my entire community about IPPSO and Post-Polio Sequelae.

  10. I will always remember that I am part of the IPPSO family and I do not have to suffer in silence or alone.

  11. I will not ask IPPSO or it's family members, to purchase products from me, or to participate in business ventures.

  12. I will remember that the 'IPPSO Family' is always there for me!

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