PPS Support Group Newsletters on the Internet

International PPS Organization Newsletters

Post-Polio Health International (PPHI) - www.post-polio.org
International Post Polio Support Organization (IPPSO) - www.ippso-world.org
European Polio Union (EPU) - www.postpolio.eu

Global PPS Support Groups (excluding the US - see below):

Africa Post-Polio Network RSA - www.postpolio.co.za
Australia Post-Polio Network NSW, Inc. - www.post-polionetwork.org.au
Australia PP NETWORK OF WA INC) - www.upnaway.com/~poliowa/
Brazil www.abraspp.org.br
Britain Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network (Cornwall United Kingdom) - www.zynet.co.uk/ott/polio/lincolnshire or www.lincolnshirepostpolio.org.uk
British Polio Fellowship - www.britishpolio.org.uk
Canada Victoria - PPASS of BC - www.ppass.bc.ca
Canadian March of Dimes - PPS group - www.poliocanada.com
Canada, Saskatchewan Polio Regina Inc - nonprofits.accesscomm.ca/polio/
Ireland PPS Group - www.ppsg.ie/index.htm
Italy Erba - www.postpolio.it/convegno_post_polio
Mexico Asociación Post Polio Litaff - www.postpoliolitaff.org
New Zealand The Post Polio Support Society of NZ – www.nzordgroups.org.nz/postpolio

US PPS Support Group Newsletters

Arizona Tucson - www.aztecfreenet.org/polioecho/org06.htm
California Los Angeles area - Los Ranchos Amigos – www.polioassociation.org/Rancho.html
Los Angeles area - The Southern California PPS Manager Newsletter - www.ppsmanager.com
Sacramento & Auburn - www.poliosurvivors.com
San Diego - polio.home.mindspring.com
Colorado Colorado Post Polio Connections - www.co.easterseals.com and select “Post-Polio Support Group”
Connecticut Norwalk - Polio Outreach of Connecticut - www.the-polio-outreach-of-ct.com
Florida Boca Raton – Boca Area Post Polio Support Group – www.postpolio.wordpress.com
Ocala - North Central Florida Post-Polio Support Group – www.postpoliosupport.com
Orlando (eastside) - Post-Polio Resource Group of Central Florida - homepage.mac.com/j.annsingleton
Ormond Beach - Florida East Coast Post-Polio Support Group – home.iag.net/~bgold/polio.htm
Massachusetts Boston Post-Polio Assn. - www.gbppa.org
Michigan Michigan Polio Network Inc - www.geocities.com/mi_polio_net/index.html
Missouri St. Louis - Post-Polio Health International (PHI) - www.post-polio.org
Branson - www.postpoliobransongoers.com
New Jersey Northern New Jersey - www.njpolio.org
Ocean County - tomsrivernjpolio.org
New York Polio Connection of America - www.geocities.com/w1066w
Pennsylvania Conemaugh Health Systems - postpolio.conemaugh.org
Texas San Antonio - sapsa.mu.nu
Washington Spokane - polionet.org
Wisconsin Milwaukee - www.pprg.org

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