IPPSO Bulletin Board & Chat

If you would like to visit with other IPPSO members via the bulletin board, please go to our Yahoo Group Bulletin Board at:
It is a great place to discuss all things related to PPS and find support, as well as new friends.

You must have a yahoo ID name and password to access our bulletin board. You can register with yahoo at www.yahoo.com then go to:
http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/ippsobulletinboardchat/ and select "join". We will send you an automatic email so you know you are an approved member of our IPPSO Yahoo bulletin board.

We have periodic live voice/type chats on Yahoo Messenger so you may want to sign up for Instant Messenger while you are at www.yahoo.com. Next, post on the bulletin board that you would like to be connected to other members, then and various members will send you invitations to join them. In addition, we can bring you into a chat when one is scheduled if we have you on our Instant Messenger list.

We announce the dates and times of these chats on our IPPSO Yahoo Group bulletin board.

As a chat is announced on our bulletin board, be sure the chat host has your Yahoo ID name and you are on their contact list so they can invite you into the Yahoo conference chat room.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

The IPPSO Board

Updated 10-25-08

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