Do you want to donate to IPPSO?

IPPSO is a non-profit organization under 501(c)3. This means all donations to us are tax-deductible.

Annual membership dues are $20.

As a relatively new organization we are in need of funding. Please read more about our organization and its goals in the first section of this web page. All our representatives and workers are volunteers, but we do have office, web site, chat room and insurance expenses. When funding is available, we have assisted members with such things as shipping used wheelchairs, braces, etc.

We also are planning for conferences about polio and PPS for our members, their families, medical personnel, and others interested in the area. Another goal is to educate medical professionals on PPS, arrange seminars, obtain knowledgeable speakers, and seek legislative backing for PPS in many different arenas. We would like to grow to the point we can assist those who have not means of helping themselves in the battle of post polio worldwide

So, if you are considering donating any sum of money to us, you are welcome to do so! You can send a check payable to IPPSO to our US Treasurer office at:
   c/o Diane Ploussard
   105 Churchill Blvd
   San Angelo, TX 76903

or by using our PayPal account, just by clicking the button below.

Payments with PayPal is fast, free and secure!

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service requires tax-exempt organizations to send a receipt for a single cash donation of over $250; where material goods were donated for use or resale and then the donor must determine fair market value. Your personal Paypal account activity record or your canceled check can be used for a receipt on monies donated. For a member of any country, if you determine you require a receipt, for goods donated, please send a request to the members of the IPPSO Executive Committee and stating what you donated without a dollar amount.