IPPSO, The International Post Polio Support Organization.

IPPSO is the only global support organization for polio survivors! It is set up as a non-profit organization with business address in Norway and the United States of America. Donations to the organization are tax deductible!

IPPSO is a continuation of the PRYS - "Polio Remember Your Strength" - Foundation Inc. Also the PRYS Foundation Inc. was a non-profit organization with the same objectives as IPPSO. We know IPPSO can be a big difference in the individual lives of thousands of polio survivors world wide! The price we paid with polio, and are now paying again, with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), is the reason IPPSO was founded.

IPPSO is an international support organization established to assist persons experiencing PPS, their families and friends. IPPSO is also a site maintained for the purposes of support, education, communication, and as a forum to meet other people with PPS around the world. IPPSO only addresses the needs of those persons who are survivors of Polio and PPS, their families and friends.

PPS ... Those of us who have survived the polio attack know only too well the powerful rage and destruction that Polio did to our bodies some forty to fiftty years ago and due to Post Polio Syndrome find that we now must endure its effects anew, finding our muscles and strength failing us once again.

Unfortunately, more millions of polio survivors will experience the same in the years to follow, because polio has continued, and continues to strike in coutries outside the old "Western World". Many of the survivors who recently was polio stricken will inevitably develop PPS. We want to be their family and mean a difference for them as well. If you are an old or new polio survivor, you are welcome to join us!

With all the celebrities that joined the PRYS Foundation, there has to be a reason. The hearts and caring ways of their personalities, and their ability to recognize a vast need to help fight this illness was certainly helping the PRYS Foundation and are now helping IPPSO accomplish its mission. We at IPPSO are eternally grateful for their offering to PRYS and IPPSO of their time, talents, and most of all their willingness to allow us the honor of having them become an active part of this ever growing organization.

IPPSO is proud to share with you:

Actress and polio survivor, Mia Farrow.
Mia is a supporter of IPPSO, and the work we are doing with and for Polio survivors, the same way she supported the PRYS Foundation Inc. With her kind permission we share the Mia Farrow page with you. Click here to get there!

Songwriter, singer and actor Willie Nelson. His page is found by clicking here.

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