Our Mission

To offer people suffering from Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) a place of support through our medical library, our online magazine and other medical information located on our web site. Also, through literature on the world-wide-web, and other sources our goal is to inform the public and medical community of PPS; its' effects, symptoms, possible treatment, and places to obtain that treatment.

To guide people suffering from PPS in the purchase and/or acquisition of: physical support devices (i.e. wheelchairs, braces, crutches, etc.), medical treatment for PPS, and assist them in application for disability and help in obtaining the things they need to carry on in their battle with PPS.

Immediate Plans:

  1. To maintain our web site so that it will be open to those needing support and to provide places (chat-room, message board etc.) where they will be able to communicate with others with PPS.
  2. To maintain and extend a medical library of articles and other electronic resources related to PPS, which will help those enduring PPS in getting all the information they need.
  3. To raise sufficient funds to run the organization and attain our goals. Funds has to be raised by such means as grants, corporate and private donations, fund raisers (i.e. benefits concerts, benefit dinners, speaking engagements, public service commercials, local and national competitions, etc.) and memberships fees.
  4. To assist persons in forming local support groups in any area in the world where political and religious independent support groups are not yet formed.
  5. To collaborate, interact and cooperate with any existing international, national or local political and religious independent supportive organization that agrees to our goals and by-laws according to mutual, written agreements.

Medium Range Plans:

Long Range Goals:

  1. Once the organization is fiscally solid, and the needs and requests of PPS victims are being met according to the original goals of the organization, funds may be allocated to assist the medical community in researching and finding a cure for Polio and PPS.
  2. To be able to carry on the stated goals throughout the world on an international basis; first and foremost to prepare a way for those millions in the countries where polio still is ravaging on how to best take care of themselves before and when being confronted with PPS.

Ultimate Goals and Accomplishments:

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