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We welcome post polio support organizations and other health/disabled related organization to apply for affiliating with us. At the moment (june 2006) we have accepted one organization.

Litaff A.C logo. Click here to go to their web site Asociación Post Polio Litaff A.C. is the major post polio support organization in Mexico. We are proud to present it and its president E. Liliana Marasco Garrido as our affiliate. Welcome! Their web site (in Spanish only) is found by clicking on the logo.

Dear Family,
We are extremely proud to bring to you pictures and some information on the Symposium Liliana Marasco Garrido, Founder of the Associaciòn Post Polio LITAFF, AC of Mexico, presented to Mexico's doctors.  Lily worked with Mexico's Dept. of Health and Dr. Vallabona of Texas to bring this first and very important event together!    What an awesome accomplishment!
We are proud and pleased to have the Associaciòn Post Polio LITAFF, AC of Mexico as an Affiliate of IPPSO!  Thank you for your hard work my dear Lily and for sharing this positive and first time event in Latin America with your IPPSO family.
Lily was also successful in getting the Mexico Department of Health to do away with the use of the live vaccine for the children of her country.  What huge accomplishments all in 2006!  We congratulate you Liliana Marasco Garrido!
Now in 2010 Lily has gotten her Department of Health and CONADIS to put on another Symposium for the doctors of Mexico and around the world! It will be held July 28, 2010 and I am honored to be speaking at this conference put on by our Affiliate, Polio LITAFF, AC of Mexico. Due to Lily's work, Mexico will be the first country in the world to put on an accredited Post Polio Syndrome Symposium for their medical professionals as well as those who have PPS!
I am truly glad to call Lily my friend as well as a co-worker! Anyone wishing to contact Lily you may write to her at litaffac@prodigy.net.mx

Asociacion Post Polio Litaff, A.C

Sitios Web http://www.postpoliolitaff.org
Correos litaffac@prodigy.net.mx
Tel/Fax (52) 55742926
Enlaces http://www.postpolio-efectos-secundarios-del-la-polio.org/


Updated: July 22, 2010
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